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Hello there! I'm Cae, a nonbinary, digital illustrator based in the US. I'm passionate about all things illustrating, comics, and my OCs! When not drawing one might usually find me with some milk tea with some video games, or looking at birds.

I mostly post OC-centric illustrations, though occasionally, I delve into fanart.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to browse further, or check out my social medias:

commissions are currently closed!


✦Bust-Up50 USD
✦ Half-Body70 USD
✦ Full-Body100 USD
+50% For another character in the same piece. 

• Please refer to my Twitter for general commission announcements (including when slots are filled, or when slots reopen). Thank you so much!

Note that base prices may increase with complexity. (EX: Complex design, or props) In addition, there may be an added fee for extra decorative elements.

Backgrounds: I can only accept solid color or cloud backgrounds. Simple, geometric shapes may be added to the background upon request.


1. Please read the TOS! It is up to you, the commissioner, to understand the terms of service in its entirety.

2. Please make sure to fill out the google form to the best of your ability! Also, please make sure to include visual references, as they are a requirement. My commissions are relatively first come first serve, though I will be selective. Thank you for understanding!

3. Depending on whether you specified Twitter DMs or email in your request form, if I have accepted your form, you'll receive a message from me with a price quote.

4. Once we agree, I will confirm that you have secured a commission slot. From there, I will send an invoice via Paypal!

5. Once payment has been received, I'll begin your commission, and keep in touch when needed! Once the commission is complete, you will receive the full-resolution digital file via email.

Turnaround may be up to a month (or more) due to other clients, college, and for my health.

Note: I reserve the right to decline any commission I may be uncomfortable with.
*If slots are already filled, the forms will close.

status / progress bar:

Current Turnaround Speed: N/A
✧ - Currently Working On
✦ - Completed Order

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• Mecha, vehicles, armor or furry
• NSFW content or intense gore
• Overly complex characters, backgrounds, or props

Anything hateful (homophobic, transphobic, etc), offensive, predatory or ped0philic, incestuous, discriminatory or racist. Do not commission or follow me if you support these, or also support things such as cryptocurrency. You will be blocked instantly.
• If I discover that you support such things, you will be unable to commission me in the future, as well.

Note: I reserve the right to deny any commission I may be uncomfortable with.


updated august 2021.

To commission, you must be at least 18 years of age (to be able to have a Paypal account). I cannot accept commissions from anyone under 18.
USAGE: Commissioned art is for personal use only. (EX: profile picture, banner, digital wallpaper, etc.) If used as a profile picture or banner, credit is appreciated!I still retain full rights to my own artwork, you may not claim it as your own or use it for commercial purposes. (For commercial / business inquiries, please email separately.) You may not, under any circumstances, use my art for any NFT / cryptocurrency purposes, or pay for any commission with cryptocurrency.
REFERENCES: Please provide clear visual references, and fill out the form to the best of your ability! Feel free to include anything that may help as a visual aid, such as a doodle, etc.I will not accept commission requests with no clear visual references at this time, as designing the character (or character's outfit) from scratch is not within the options of my available commissions.
COMPLEXITY: Please note that base prices may fluctuate upwards, depending on complexity. In addition, for the sake of my wrist, I am not currently accepting commissions of FFXIV characters at the moment. (Though, certain exceptions can be made if they are in a non-overly complex outfit) Thank you for your understanding!
PAYMENT: All commissions must be paid upfront in USD through Paypal invoice only after we agree with the commission's price quote via email or DM. Only after payment is received, will I begin working on the commission, starting with the rough sketch.
FIXES: Clients may request minor alterations/fixes only in the sketch/thumbnail phase. During this phase, please feel free to tell me if I missed anything, etc., as I want you to love your piece! When the colored, rough sketch is approved by the client, I will begin the painting/rendering process. Once rendering has begun, large elements of the piece cannot be drastically changed.
TURNAROUND: Please note that pieces could take up to a month (or more) to produce, especially if there are other clients and time restraints. I am a full time university student with other responsibilities, and I also want to take care of my physical and mental health as much as I can. That being said, at this time, I am not currently accepting rush deadlines.Clients may check on their progress and stage of the commission in the 'status' section of the commissions page on this carrd!
POSTING: Please let me know in your form if this commission is a surprise or gift for anyone!Also, please specify if you would prefer your commission not be posted onto social media / included in a portfolio / included in future commission posts (for advertising), etc.
REFUNDS: If you decide to cancel your commission, you may do so and get a full refund (which might have the paypal fee deducted) only if I have not begun the piece. (i.e. progress is listed below 10%) I do not currently accept refunds after I have begun the piece, however, so please keep that in mind. Thank you for understanding!
By sending a form/request for a commission, you fully agree to my TOS, and you also acknowledge that you are paying for a digital good, so nothing physical needs to be shipped, and no shipping address is needed.
Thank you for reading! Please feel free to DM me or email me if you have any questions!

FAQ / frequently asked questions

Q. do you have commissions?

A. Yes, I do take commissions occasionally! For more information, click the button I have below, it will bring you to the page w/ everything you need to know on that! My twitter also typically announces whenever commissions are open or not (or about to open), so please refer to that as well!

Q. how can i support your comics + art?

A. First of all, thank you for wanting to support me! ; - ; it means the absolute world! Just reading my comics and sharing my work (RT-ing/liking) already does a lot, but if you'd prefer, I do have a ko-fi! ^^

Q. what do you use to draw?

A. For digital art: Huion Kamvas 13, Clip Studio Paint

( For Brushes: I mainly use the default brushes in clip studio (though customized to my liking), with some effect brushes/textures/etc. from the asset library!)

For streaming: OBS

Q. artwork / terms & conditions.

A. You may use fan art (excluding personal art and commissioned pieces) as an icon/header, provided you credit me in the bio!

Please do not repost my art without permission! I already post on a variety of social media platforms, so you can just go there instead. Also, please do not use my art for commercial purposes, but that's a given.